Proof of concept model 
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   Below videos compare between the method of the patent (left videos) to the conventional technology (right videos) 
  An adapter of 9 Volts is powering the bottom motor in each video to demonstrate a turbine. The model has two settings that can be
  replaced with one simple change, in order to reduce as much as possible other variables that may affect the results. The generator is 
  located inside according to the selected setting.
  The output power in Voltages (V) and Milliamperes (mA) from the generator (DC) is seen in each video on the left side of the device.

 Patent   EP 3123599 B1   Output power:  10.77 - 10.66  V  ,  91.5 - 90.7  mA  

 Conventional technology   Output power:  9.06 - 9.01  V  ,  82.9 - 82.6  mA  
Results: The patent method increases the output voltage by more than 16%, and the output power (with normalization to the 
input power) by more than 20%, in comparison to the conventional technology.
⇩   Stator / Rotor Relative Rotational Speed (RPM) Check   ⇩

 Patent   EP 3123599 B1   Relative speed:  809.3 + 3,020.1 =  3,829.4 RPM  

 Conventional technology   Relative speed:  0 + 3,299.1 =  3,299.1 RPM  
Results: The patent method increases the relative speed between the stator and rotor by more than 16% while at the same time
the speed of the fastest elements is actually decreased by more than 9%, in comparison to the conventional technology.
 ⇩  Pictures of the patent method  ⇩ 
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 ⇩  Pictures of the conventional technology  ⇩ 
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Additional information :
  ∎   Executive Reviewabout the patent and its advantages
   Mathematical calculationscomparing the patent to preexisting patents and technology
   Official granted documents of the Patent:
  EUROPE    Patent No.:    EP 3123599 B1
  USA    Patent No.:    US 11053922 B2
  BRAZIL    Patent No.:    BR 112016018700 B1
The patent is granted in 18 countries around the world, including the USA, Canada, Brazil,
United Kingdom, several countries in Europe, Russia, South Africa, India, Australia, and more.
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